Script, Present, and Edit Your Videos

A high-level instruction on how to Script, Present, and Edit engaging videos (while still being yourself and without a PhD in filmography).

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You want to become an industry expert through online courses, webinars and online workshops but...

  • On camera, you don’t have as much character as in real life
  • It feels awkward talking to a lens and hard to be relaxed when there’s no response to gauge how you’re coming off
  • You haven’t figured out how to quickly write a script that sounds natural when you read it aloud
  • When you watch yourself, you’re horrified at all of the rambling and “mmmm’s” you keep saying

If you want to be seen as the expert but you come off as a deer in a divalight- 

You're on the right page. 

What's included?

5 Videos
9 Texts
5 PDFs
Jess Eturralde
Jess Eturralde
Your Video Impact Coach

About the instructor

I'm a former TV Host, Travel Journalist and Producer who helps entrepreneurs who want to be industry experts via video guides, online workshops and e courses engage their audiences, simplify and expedite the video process from concept to ROI.

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  • The crazy-easy 5 point system for creating video scripts that sound natural (and in less time it takes to order a new phone case!)

  • Not a Sleazy Salesman? Engage with your audience anyway - even if you don’t feel like yourself on camera

  • The 1 hour edit: editing done fast and easier than counting in binary aloud

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